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Dear Forex brown,

I would like to invite you to try our BK Forex Trading Club where we provide world class forex education, mentorship, coaching and support for the retail trader. This is my favorite part of our BK Forex offering because it allows Kathy and I to interact with our members daily. No one wants to trade alone and you don't have to with our Trading Club which connects traders from Denver to Dubai and all the points in between in our live interactive room every single trading day.

Let me tell you about some of the services that you will receive as a member of the BK Trading Club.


Battle Tested Trading Strategies

As a member of BK Trading Club you will have access to the private videos of our best short term trading strategies - strategies that I use myself in our day to day analysis of the market. Using easy step by step visual instructions we help you understand the indicators, settings and price structure that we look for, in order to make potentially high-probability trades in the currency market.


Chart of the Day

Our most interesting long term ideas combine our views on the macro environment with our technical reading of the price action - we tell you where the next key support and resistance levels are.

Top 5 Hot Ideas Every Day

This is a must read report for any serious forex trader as we tell what's up, what's down and what's important to keep an eye on during the global trading day.

Trade Therapy, Money Management and So Much More....

Trading can be a lonely business and having the support of an understanding group of fellow enthusiasts can mean the difference between winning and losing. Not only will we work on improving individual trading setups, but as club members we will work on money management and trade discipline skills that are critical to long term trading results.


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I look forward to trading with you every day!


Boris Schlossberg
295 Greenwich Street, Suite 281
New York, NY 10007
Fax: 1-925-887-4373


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