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Forex Trading Signals from CNBC Pros and Save $100

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BK Forex Trading Club

How BK Forex Club Signals Work:

At BKForex, the foundation for all of our Forex Trading Signals is the fusion of fundamentals, technicals and market momentum. Our unique edge has always involved trading economic data and our integrated approach to market analysis incorporates economic data predictions with price action to provide a more complete context for our Trade Ideas. We then add our proprietary money management techniques as the final component of our methodology. Here are the key details of the BK Trading Method:

  • Our Trades are Based on News or Event Risk Catalyst
  • We Incorporate Technical Analysis and Key Levels
  • We Look for Support from Market Sentiment and Momentum
  • We Trade in Asia, Europe and North America
Most importantly we email you our TRADING PLAN hours before the trade is placed to give you plenty of time to prepare.
The trading plan includes:
  • Our reasons for the trade
  • The currency pair that we will be trading
  • The price that we want deal on
  • And the time when the SMS and email with the specific details will be sent.
Here is an example of a trade:
Jan 21 2013 3:27pm ET 20:27 GMT
BK Swing - Place order to Sell USD/JPY @ 89.10
Stop @ 89.70
Buy back half @ 88.80, move stop on rest to breakeven
Buy back rest @ 87.95

We have rotated out of our short AUD/USD trade into a short USD/JPY trade. The Bank of Japan is widely expected to increase their inflation target to 2% and the real question is how aggressive they will increase asset purchases. We believe that the bigger risk is for a disappointment and if the BoJ falls short we would probably see a larger reaction in USD/JPY and there are plenty of reasons why BoJ Governor Shirakawa could choose to leave the more ambitious changes beyond a new inflation target to his successor. As a result, we look to sell USD/JPY on a break of today's low - the BoJ rate decision is usually released between 12am-1am ET or 5-6 GMT.

Jan 21 2013 11:30pm ET 4:30 GMT
BKSwing - Sell USD/JPY @ 89.10 TRIGGERED
Stop @ 89.70
Buy back half @ 88.80, move stop on rest to breakeven
Buy back rest @ 87.95

Jan 22 2013 11:30pm ET 4:30 GMT
BKSWING 1st target on short USD/JPY hit at 89.80+30 on trade move stop to breakeven at 89.10 on rest of position.

Jan 23 2013 1:30am ET 5:30 GMT
BKSWING move stop on short USDJPY position to 88. 40 to lock in +100 on trade

Jan 23 2013 4:00am ET 9:00 GMT
BKSWING we are out of short USD/JPY at 88.40 with +100 on the trade
**Past Performance is NOT Indicative of Future Results

Here's what you get as a BK Forex Trading Club member:

  • 3-7 signals per week with clear entry, exit, and stop loss levels via SMS / Text, email and Private Twitter
  • 8-12 calendar calls per week that provide trading bias on major economic reports
  • Daily, LIVE COACHING sessions -- at 9 AM EST (13 GMT) -- for club members to interact with Boris and Kathy on trading and market conditions
  • Weekly market outlook videos
  • An archive of videos featuring Boris and Kathy's best battle-tested strategies
  • FREE e-book High Probability Trading Setups for the Currency Market ($89 value)

Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coaches
Kathy Lien is Managing Director and Founding Partner of BKForex. Having graduated New York University’s Stern School of Business at the age of 18, Ms. Kathy Lien has more than 13 years of experience in the financial markets with a specific focus on currencies. Her career started at JPMorgan Chase where she worked on the interbank FX trading desk making markets in foreign exchange and later in the cross markets proprietary trading group where she traded FX spot, options, interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities, and futures. In 2003, Kathy joined FXCM and started, a leading online foreign exchange research portal. As Chief Strategist, she managed a team of analysts dedicated to providing research and commentary on the foreign exchange market.
As an expert on G20 currencies, Kathy is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Associated Press, AAP, UK Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and other leading news publications. She also appears regularly on CNBC – US, Asia and Europe and on Sky Business. Kathy is an internationally published author of the best selling book Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market as well as The Little Book of Currency Trading and Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Beat Wall Street at its Own Game – all published through Wiley. Kathy’s extensive experience in developing trading strategies using cross markets analysis and her years of market research in predicting economic data surprises serve as key components of BK’s analytical techniques.
Boris Schlossberg is Managing Director and Founding Partner of BKForex. His career on Wall Street began over 2 decades ago with Drexel Burhnam Lambert; since then, he has traded a variety of financial instruments, from equities and options to stock index futures and foreign exchange. In 2004, Boris joined FXCM and helped start the firm’s FX Education initiative. In 2005, he joined the research team as Senior Currency Strategist and provided fundamental and technical analysis to the company’s global network of individual and institutional customers, as well as financial media outlets. In 2007, while still at FXCM, Boris started BKForex Advisors with Ms. Kathy Lien.
Mr. Schlossberg is a weekly contributor to CNBC’s Squawk Box and a regular commentator for Bloomberg radio and television. His daily currency research is widely quoted by Reuters, Dow Jones and Agence France Presse newswires and appears in numerous newspapers worldwide. Mr. Schlossberg has written for SFO magazine, Active Trader and Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. He is the author of Technical Analysis of the Currency Market and Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Beat Wall Street at its Own Game, both of which are published by Wiley. Boris’ extensive experience in trading and developing momentum based techniques provide the foundation for BKForex’s strategies.

All About BK Forex Trading Club Education

Boris and Kathy operate from the philosophy that individuals who understand the rationale behind signals and who are interested in growing as traders will get the most out of their service. With that in mind, BK Forex Club members are also provided with a number of offerings to help advance their education as forex traders:

Daily Webinars

Boris and Kathy offer daily webinars -- Monday through Friday at 9 AM EST (13 GMT) -- to help traders stay disciplined and focused during the week. Here's a summary of the schedule:
  • Monday Morning Game Plan: The plan for the week is established
  • Technical Analysis Tuesday: An exhaustive review of charts and technical setups that are forming
  • World Markets Wednesday: A focus on global fundamentals that are at play in the markets
  • Think Tank Thursday: Brainstorming session for addtional strategies that may be ripe
  • Trader Therapy Friday: A time for reviewing the week and regaining our psychology
The webinars vary in length, typically running from 25 to 45 minutes. Members can interact directly with Boris and Kathy via email or a private feed on Twitter.

Top 5 Hot Ideas

In addition to 3-7 clear cut trading signals per week (complete with entry, stop loss, and target profit levels), BK Forex Club members are also provided with 5 trading ideas each day. Boris and Kathy share their take on current ideas that are viable in the market and their supporting rationale based on their analysis of economic fundamentals, technical price patterns, and sentiment of traders in the market. Also included is a Chart of the Day to help members continue learning technical analysis and understand how it can be applied to take advantage of opportunities in the market, as well as a weekly video recapping key market events.

Strategy Archive

BK Forex Club members are also provided with access to Boris and Kathy's collection of 10 videos revealing their battle-tested forex strategies. Members are also able to download an digital copy of Boris and Kathy's book, High Probability Trading Setups for the Currency Market ($89 value). This instructional material, coupled with the daily webinars, trading ideas, and signals, is meant to help members profit while learning to develop their own viable trading strategies.
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