Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015

Start hunting for a real treasure! on fbs

Start hunting for a real treasure!

What should I do?

Promotion conditions:

  • Participation is open for all current FBS partners.
  • Reward amount: 500 USD
  • Payments periodicity: once a month

Granting conditions:

  1. The offer is not limited in time and is available to all FBS partners, no registration in the promotion is required.
  2. The reward amount is 500 USD, payments are executed monthly on condition the reward granting requirements are fulfilled.
  3. The requirement for reward granting is for a partner to attract the total monthly turnover of funds on accounts of all his direct clients in the amount of 25 000 USD.
  4. Total monthly turnover on accounts of direct clients of a partner is calculated according to the following formula: total D – total W, where
    Total D – total deposit made by all attracted clients within a calendar month.
    Total W – total withdrawal made by all attracted clients within a calendar month.
  5. The reward is credited to a partner automatically to his/her partner account in case the total client monthly turnover requirement is fulfilled. To get the reward, it is sufficient to press the "Get bonus" button in the corresponding section of the personal area.
  6. The company reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel effect of all or some of the promotion conditions any time.

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