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Learn to Trade Forex in 20 Minutes for $27


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Over 42,000 Traders follow us on Twitter because they know we are experts at Trading Economic News. After months of research, analysis and fine-tuning, we are ready to share with you the Ajax Indicator which uses all of our knowledge and takes the guesswork out of trading. The Indicator targets news trades with an 80% win rate. You will love this strategy because it sidesteps volatility caused by news & banks quick profits.

7 Lessons - Instantly Available!

Learn how to use the Ajax Indicator in 7 simple and easy to understand videos. Available instantly. Watch them as many times as you want.

Trade News with Confidence

Never be afraid to trade news again. With a targeted win rate of 80%, the Ajax Indicator provides steady and consistent profits  

Bigger Profits with Crosses

Make Bigger Profits trading the Ajax Indicator on Forex crosses with our market tested proprietary money management tactics - We will show you how!

FREE Ajax Indicator Included

To make using Ajax even easier, we are including an MT4 coded version as part of the course. Don't worry, we also have a 5 minute video on how to install the indicator and it can be used for non-MT4 accounts!  

We are making the strategy and indicator available for 1 week only and then we are taking it down.


Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg

233 W 77th St Suite 11G
New York NY 10024

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